Web Application Penetration Testing

Your web applications will be manually tested by our team for OWASP and business logic security flaws.

PCI Penetration Testing

We have a specific focus on compliance. We will guide you in both terms of scoping and execution of the PCI DSS penetration Test.

Network Penetration Testing

Your external and internal networks will be tested by our team. We conduct hundreds of penetration tests month after month.

3RD Party Penetration Testing

Your B2B partners will request you to choose an independent and trustworthy partner with a proven track record to certify your security posture.

Cloud Penetration Testing

We specialize in cloud technologies plus testing of AWS, GCP and Azure infrastructure and SaaS applications.

Social Engineering

Unlike out of the box mass phishing testing solutions, Cybernaltix deploys a custom approach to check your spear phishing exposure.

Experienced and certified team

Cybernalytix penetration testing gives you unlimited access to our world class team of security researchers. Our team has over 100+ CVE’s to their credit and are publicly acknowledged by Fortune 500 companies for finding security flaws via published responsible disclosure programs. Our team is comprised of security professionals with decades of security experience and global certifications such as OSCP, OSCE, CEH, CISA, CISM, SANS and many more.

Cyber Security
Technical Assurance

Our penetration testing is aligned to OWASP and OSSTMM testing methodology. As the whole penetration testing process is facilitated via the Cybernalytix cloud platform, this guarantees all projects get a standard quality assurance level and all clients get a consistent experience with high-quality results.


Web application pen-test is a specific type of security assessment that focuses on the security posture of web applications with an objective to identify, analyze and report the vulnerabilities found during the pen-test.


Conducting a wireless network penetration testing can identify the weaknesses in a wireless network by using both automated and manual penetration techniques.


To protect the customers’ environment including the access to SWIFT, SWIFT has introduced the Customer Security Programme (CSP). Under CSP, a set of security controls are designed to assists the customers in securing their local environment as well as the connection with others.


Due to the nature of activities and services performed by various users, conducting mobile application pen-test will help uncover any vulnerabilities or unwanted loopholes existing in the mobile application itself.


CREST aims to ensure and maintain the highest possible standards of security testing by providing framework of guidance, including standards, methodologies and recommendations to its member.


This assessment aims to enrich the source code’s self-sustainability in protecting itself from present security breaches and to ensure a recommended secure coding structure.

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